79_Blue_Grand_Am_008_293x219 The 1978, 1979 and 1980 Pontiac Grand Ams are some of the least sought after cars. This is only because most people have never seen one and many think they don’t even exist. Well, they do exist, and they are Pontiac’s contrary to the belief those that are “Old Schooled” and think Pontiac died in 1974.
On this site these cars will be considered G Body cars. “Technically” they are A Body cars, but not one part of these Grand Ams interchange with an A Body other than the Malibu which changed from A to G without changing much if any of the design. group_shot7_295x220These cars came with either a Pontiac 301 or the required Chevrolet 305 in California and in high altitude destinations. Yes, the 301 is a Pontiac as is the Beaumont, in my opinionĀ . Ok, maybe not the Beaumont…or is it?